Stone Vertical Epic 09.09.09

1 Comment By Blake November 13, 2009

Boy, have we been missing out. Stone Brewing only arrived in South Florida this year. It was already a world renowned brewery and the proud owner of the single best marketing department in existence. There is a narrative on every Stone bomber, read one and tell me am wrong. This one is tame by comparison, but I did learn one thing new. ” As with all Stone VE editions, a detailed home-brewing recipe is available at “… I smell a homebrew session coming on.

Vertical Epic is a series Stone dreamed up in late 2001 ( a few months late to release a 01.01.01 ). The first beer distributed to the us is the 8th in the series. BeerAdvocate classifies most of them as Belgian. There have been 4 Belgian Strong Dark Ales, 2 Belgian Pales, a Belgian IPA and a stray Witbier was the original. The series is dedicated to larger than life experiences, and its Stone so I hope you know what to expect.

I smell spicy vanilla… Its dark brown with a thick tan head. It looks like a stout, but doesn’t quite have the body of one. I expect to smell chocolate or coffee, but its more like spicy vanilla on the nose. The consistency is that of a porter, but the bitters are jacked up. The amount of hops to get a beer this dark to show through with this much bite is astounding. The yeast taste like plantains and that and orange peel are the taste that lingers long after your sip has gone down. Both The Lodge and Brother Tuckers have had this on tap in the last month.

I preferred the tap to the bomber pour. The beer just felt creamier on tap, the bottle carbonation might be a little much. Either way, don’t count on being able to appreciate anything delicate after downing one of these. This should be the only beer you drink in an evening or the last. Your palate wont recover from this for at least an hour. Its really hard to judge this beer. The bottle says it should be aged until at least 12.12.12, I might not be fair to grade it today. That said, we do it anyway. Right now, as is I give it;

3.5/5 If the bar has it on tap, I order it, but that may have more to do with it’s limited release than it’s actual beer value at this point. Maybe in 4 years I will get to try it again.

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1 comment

  1. CFByrne says:

    This is now on tap at Coffee District (Friday 12/18). May not last long though.

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