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The Blue Anchor

0 Comments By Blake November 21, 2009

The Blue Anchor

Long before the Yardhouse came to town, before we had any real selection of microbrews and European beers, before beer was remotely trendy, the Anchor had the best taps around. The Blue Anchor is an institution in Delray Beach. I have been living here for more than a decade now, and have spent quite a few weekends on the picnic benches outside.

Less than a block from the Intracoastal, those picnic benches sit innocently down a quiet side street just slightly out of earshot of the commotion of a Saturday night on Atlantic Ave. It’s the perfect place for an intense conversation over a frothy Imperial Pint. The British “Imperial Pint” is 20 ounces. Its a big pour, you won’t find any optical illusion 12oz pint glasses here.

They have 20 or so beers on tap. They gravitate towards beers from the British Isles (as they should). You can always count on Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB, and Old Thumper to be on the old fashioned pull taps. 60 Minute, Hobgoblin, Old Speckled Hen, and Boddington’s are always on the CO2 taps. My tastes usually keep me within three or four beers. At various times in the last year that has been Fullers London Porter, the aforementioned 60 Minute IPA, Gonzo Imperial Porter or Young’s Special. By the way, when they had that Gonzo on tap, they served it poured to the rim in their traditional Imperial Pint glass. At 10% abv, by the time you finished your second you were well on your way to a cab ride home. I’d of paid $10 each for those pours and thought it a bargain, but they never charged more than $5.

On a Sunday afternoon, even in the blazing hot summer, The Anchor is quiet and dark and ever so slightly dank. It feels like an old world community bar, the exact place I want to sit and talk about life over a pint with my closest friends.

The Anchor isn’t the best beer bar around. I’m not a fan of the 8pm 60’s cover bands. They are quality acts, its just more a matter of style. There is wasted space on the taps, but I won’t disparage them for that because they have to turn a profit and most people just don’t have my taste in beer. That’s just fine with me, I want the Anchor to thrive. After all, if they weren’t around, where would I go to discuss politics/philosophy/sports in a quiet spot over a giant pint of quality English Ale?

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